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Kevin D, West Chester PA

One Year Later

Hi Drew,    Quick update on 'West Chester PA Shade Mix'  -  sown 5-8-14, per SS specs + watering.

RESULT, 1-year later:  exceptional -- thick lush grass, wherever it could establish on site

SITE:  shade to deep shade; 15' x 50' strip 'canyoned' by tall trees & house; bare soil & erosion issues

Custom Mix:

Creeping Red Fescue:    Garnet                                                   20%
Creeping Red Fescue:    Jasper II                                                10%
Chewings Fescue:          Intrigue                                                  10%
Chewings Fescue:          Zodiac                                                   10%
Hard Fescue:                  SS 8000 Hard Fescue 3X                      20%
Bluegrass:                      Sabre III poa trivialis                               20%
Bluegrass:                      Bewitched                                              10%

Thanks for your excellent products and service,

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