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Benjamin, Worchester MA

Stripped up backyard

SS9000 Perennial Ryegrass re-seed

Paul B, Boston, MA area

100% Bewitched lawn 2017

Paul replaced his lawn with 100% Bewitched Kentucky bluegrass in 2016。

Mike C., Carpentersville, IL

Mike's SS6000 shady lawn


Thought I would pass these photos along. I have a very densely shaded back yard and have struggled for years trying to get grass to grow. Needless to say it's been a challenge.

Kevin D, West Chester PA

 West Chester Shade Mix, one year later.


Shingai M, Arlington, VA

Front yard

  I should literally add you to my Christmas card list because my lawn is admired by ALL thanks to you。 

Don, Dayton OH

安徽11选5Drew: I just wanted to show the results of your top quality product。

I could not be more pleased with the results of your seed。  I am also very pleased with the quality service and prompt shipping。  I have renovated other lawns over the past several years and have been disappointed because I cut out a step or two。  This time I have taken every step possible, including buying the best seed possible and I am convinced this is the best lawn that I could possibly grow。  The neighbors enviably think so also! 

Tim W., Memphis TN

"Absolutely Beautiful" 

Drew, I thought you might enjoy seeing my lawn。 I am incredibly pleased with the results of the Spitfire and SS 1001 fescue。。。。it looks absolutely beautiful。 Thanks for your help。

Tim W, Memphis, TN 



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